Tree Services
in Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Expert Tree Services for Homes and Businesses

Parkway Nursery & Landscapes provides professional tree services to the Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, region. Residential and commercial customers can depend on us to keep their trees and other outdoor areas looking their best.

We offer trees services such as pruning, trimming, installation, removal, tree maintenance, shaping, aeration, size reduction and many more. Parkway Nursery & Landscapes professional trees services will ensure your trees and overall landscaping is healthy. Our crew will remove dead trees or branches to make your property safer for everyone who uses it.

For a free estimate on our tree services, contact Parkway Nursery & Landscapes at (540) 765-8733.

Tree Services Available from Parkway Nursery & Landscapes:









Benefits of Using Parkway Nursery & Landscapes’ Tree Services:

  • Encourages Proper Proportion of the Tree
  • Improve Aesthetic Appearance
  • Limits Tree to Desired Size and/ or Shape
  • Promotes New Fruit, Flower or Berry
  • Protects People and Property From Potential Danger

Preventative Maintenance Keeps Trees Healthy and Strong

Parkway Nursery & Landscapes offers preventive maintenance to keep young trees healthy and strong. Contact our professional and experience tree service crew to help with maintenance with new trees.

We provide pruning service for new trees to make sure they grow properly on commercial and residential properties. Parkway Nursery & Landscapes are knowledgeable in how to care for trees in Bedford County, VA, Franklin County, VA, and Roanoke VA counties.

Our crew knows the best methods for creating a good environment for new trees to grow. We are also experienced in preventing future safety hazards, damage and disease to the trees on any type of property.

Parkway Nursery & Landscapes professional preventative trees maintenance services allows our customers to avoid bigger problems from happening with the trees on their property in the future.

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